Executive Coaching

We work with executives to uncover and transform their needs into opportunities for learning, development and growth.
We help leaders enhance their effectiveness in a variety of ways, including:

  • Transitioning into new roles: understanding what changes they need to make in order to meet the new challenges.
  • Helping leaders have more strategic influence and impact.
  • Building collaboration capacity and skills.
  • Enhancing communication and listening skills

We approach the individual as a whole, looking at the interconnection of work, social and personal factors to drive more significant and sustained changes.

As each client’s needs are unique, we work with them to define the objectives, duration and the best way to maximize the effectiveness of the coaching process.

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Coaching Options:

  • Individual and/or group coaching
  • In-person or virtual
  • Coaching available in either English or Spanish

Phases of the coaching process:


Diagnostic / Exploratory

Define main areas of focus and high-level objectives. This is accomplished by gathering feedback from multiple sources through a combination of interviews and assessments.

Action Planning

Translate the high level objectives into clearly defined goals and actionable plans to help accomplish them. Clear success measures and deadlines are established to drive action and results.

Execution and Follow up

Help the client execute the plan and make any necessary course-corrections. Driving accountability, follow through and achievement of the desired end results.

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